Kitchen Sink For Kids / Free Delivery


Birthday Gifts for Girls – Simulated cleaning the kitchenware and vegetables. Open the faucet, your baby can clean vegetables and dishes in this kitchen role toy. Enjoy hours of the pleasure of washing and cutting vegetables. Complete Water Function System – This kids cleaning toy has simulated sink and tap running water, you can add water into the basin and you can control the amount of water freely. Keep your child safe from water and enjoy the fun of playing with water. Cultivate Cleaning Habits – There are two areas in the sink set toy. A washing area and a dry area. After using the board and dishes, your baby can wash with detergent in the washing area and put them in the dry area. Keep the sink clean. Enhance Hands-on Skills – Your kids will imitate lots of actions in this kitchen sink set. They can try to wash and cut foods like parents. It will enhance their hands-on ability and confidence in kitchen. Cultivate Life Skills – Rich vegetables make your baby have an impression of vegetables and colors. They can create different combinations based on their creativity and fantasy, imitating life skills from this sink toy.
Size: 34.5x25x28cm / 13.58×9.84×11.02inch
Material: Plastic
Package Includes: 1 Piece Pretend Kitchen Sink Toy Set


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